July 31, 2021

Hey, B.

I just finished watching The Last Letter From Your Lover. It was okay. What I loved: the genuine sentiment between the lovers. Also, his moniker is the same as yours! What I didn’t like: how the plot ends up resolving is not original by any means. Also, the chemistry between the couple who find the letters present day is lacking. By the end of the movie, I was just shaking my head because this all could have been cleared up with better communication and less assumptions.

So glad I’m not making that mistake. So glad the both of us are critical thinkers. We leave nothing to be assumed. 

I also loved the Ernest Hemingway quote at the start of the movie: 

Why, darling, I don’t live at all when I’m not with you.

Overall, not really a movie worth watching, though. The whole, lovers secretly leaving their engagements to run away together, harkens to the one and only An Affair To Remember. This Netflix movie failed to do anything unique to that plot line to make it stand out or feel refreshed. Ultimately, it was a stolen plot line. 

In other news, I almost went to the movies yesterday. I wanted to see Black Widow. I also wanted an excuse to be out of the house to not work on this career portfolio that’s been my project all week. This is a first: I have to force myself to take time off. Anyway, I told my dad I was going and he discouraged it. I said it was either I go or I have to charge $30 on his Disney+ account. He said go ahead and charge it so that was an easy solve.

Also a smart one. Because of the Delta variant and because vaccinated people can still spread it and because I’ll be on a bus with 30 or so of my coworkers tomorrow to and from Great Adventure. I think I may have become too confident that I’m vaccinated.

Speaking of the trip, I have to be at work by 7:45am tomorrow, a Sunday. I’m so afraid I’m going to oversleep. I’ve got at least two alarms set and I’m thinking I might need a third. Maybe I should just make a point of not sleeping with my phone tonight.

I’ve made progress on my portfolio and updated my resume today. I’m totally already branding myself as a performance analytics manager. I can’t tell you what a breakthrough it’s been to finally glue together everything that I’ve done for the last 2.5 years. Before figuring it out, I couldn’t see how all the work I did was connected. It felt haphazard and I couldn’t connect it to anything big picture at the company. Now I can and it makes me feel really proud of myself.

Because up until last week, I kind of felt like a fraud as an analyst. When I used to go to those social events and tell people I was a data analyst, they’d start asking me about what programs I’m using all this technical stuff and I’m like, I don’t do any of that. And then the conversations just end. Now, while I may not be that kind of analyst, I’m still skilled and my work is valuable. Also, I really do enjoy it. I just have no respect for management.

I’ve also cooled down on the job search. The HR coworker who lives upstate said that he and his wife are on a waitlist to get their bathroom done. The contractor is so backlogged with work that he might get around to them by December.  I know I’m potentially two years out from buying a house and who knows what the housing and renovation market will be like then.

Did I tell you I got a hammock? I feel like I did. I feel like I mentioned that they sent the wrong parts but then I didn’t really need those parts…

Anyway, it’s awesome. Unfortunately, it’s rained every weekend so it’s been rolled up in the garage for weeks. I finally pulled it out today and worked on my laptop from there. TOTAL SCORE that wifi reaches that far back in the yard. I mean, was it even possible for work-from-home to get yet another upgrade?

The hammock I have is made of rope so my dogs’ legs fall through if they join me and they don’t like it. I bought a cloth one this afternoon on Amazon for $23 and it should arrive tomorrow. Hoping I can get them to enjoy it with me soon!

Biggest wins this week: Ruthie is still succeeding with having her teeth brushed when I hold her under my arm in the kitchen. She’s also doing just fine with one scoop of dry food per meal. Bono might need just a tad more than 2 scoops per meal because he started gagging in the middle of the night. I think his tummy was so empty that bile started to form. We had a 4am trip to the front yard with some excellent fresh air and that seemed to soothe his stomach. I also gave him some hot dog and he settled back to sleep promptly.

I should start prepping for tomorrow morning. The more I can get done tonight, the less I have to worry about making it on time. 

Oh! I’m thinking about having headshots taken for my portfolio website. I like the style done at Hey Tuesday. I don’t know if I want to shell out $200 yet. I was thinking of even scouting out The Bushwick Collective and trying some self portraits with my new iPhone and a remote shutter. But I just remembered this afternoon that one of my coworkers often gets asked to be a photographer for work. I might ask her tomorrow if she’d be interested in being my photographer for an hour. She recently moved to Ridgewood so it might be super convenient for her. Of course, I’ll be paying her and maybe she can add it to her resume or something. She’s our content marketer. I might even ask her to proof my website when it’s done. We’ll see. I might take a day trip out there in a few weeks.

Next week I’m going to a 40th birthday party. Remember around the time that I went permanent at “the firm” a close friend of the family past away? This is his daughter. I haven’t seen them in years because I’ve been avoiding the Christmas party invitations. Because I don’t want to see some of the other guests they invite (the woman who was pressuring me to be matched with someone).

Anyway, she wants a pool party at her brother’s house. Her brother is the one I told Neil about who bought that super fancy house in Long Island for a steal because the former owner committed suicide there. This will be my first time seeing his house. Pool party should be fun. There will be lots of kids. Haven’t decided if I’ll be jumping in water. Maybe I should bring my bathing suit just in case.

Okay, I totally did not sign off when I was supposed to. Love you, miss you tons! 😘😘🍆🍆

July 28, 2021

Hi, B!

Love you, miss you! I needed to start with that today.

Going to keep this short because it’s late:

  • still working on that interview deck
  • reached out to the former Dir. of Practice Ops for a recommendation. He wants to tailor it towards the role I’m specifically looking for so I need to get back to him.
  • next steps on my potential new job title include researching more JDs. My supervisor mentioned maybe something that includes senior analyst (if I want to keep the analyst title) or even manager. I pulled eight job postings on Indeed, all with significantly different job titles but SO much overlap. Most importantly, a lot of overlap with what I currently do. I think I really hit the nail on the head here. I might propose something like Manager, Performance Analytics to my supervisor. Wyndham has a number of roles in Performance Analytics with a career projection that looks something along the lines of: analyst –> Manager –> Senior Manager –> Director. Also, I learned quickly today that “drive” is the sexy verb on every company’s JDs these days! The research I did today is not only going to inform what happens at work but also contribute to the content of my portfolios.
  • we’re going to Great Adventure on Sunday. Work trip.
  • went to work today because my supervisor took us out to lunch. It was really nice of her, considering that she describes herself as anti-social.
  • I spoke to her about my frustrations with the EMR project. She suggested I put together a clear document outlining the gaps, risks and costs associated with the various options we’re considering for the EMR to present to the CEO. It’s work but I’m excited to do it. Because I may not be able to control the decision he makes at the end of the day but I can control compiling comprehensive information to communicate to him what he needs to know to make his decision. Or rather, “walk him to the conclusion we want him to make.” Even if he still makes the stupid decision after that, I can take peace knowing that I did my absolute best.

Okay, that’s it. I need to wake up early and see if Team USA does any better in gymnastics. Disappointed that Simone Biles pulled out but I’m so happy no one is giving her shade (yet) for doing so. 

Miss you tons. You’re still the person I’ve been thinking about every single day since November 2014. 😘😘😘