August 10, 2022

Dad’s feeling welle enough that I drove back up to my house tonight. I think he’s eating better. He’s over the hump.

Just finished a can of cider. I like this house. I got here in about 1 hr 45 min. That’s close to the record. I think all the street lights in Queens are the biggest hold up.

I dreamt about you a few nights ago. We were on a date at your place and in this dream you had an apartment in the West Village. Of course, as soon as my brain realizes that I’m dresming about you, I wake up.

I’m hoping I can take the dogs to that park tomorrow after work.

Looked at the calendar today and it made me wonder when to expect you. 5 months? 7? At least it’s not in years anymore. In fact, I don’t have a lot of time left to shed these extra pounds!!

Love you, miss you.

August 9, 2022

5am this morning I heard Dad scream. Then a thud that shook the house. I came running down the stairs. His blood sugar dropped, he became dizzy, hit his head on cabinets in the kitchen trying to eat something, lost his balance and fell on the couch.

We took his vitals and they were fine but he hardly ate and still insisted on seeing patients. He had a full day that exhausted him especially after not sleeping or eating well. He insisted on going down to the basement even though he was a risk for falling. Ate hot dogs for dinner but not the buns. Giving me excuses on what other carbs he’s going to eat before he goes to bed while he’s falling asleep on the couch.

I’m so tired.

Met up with my former co-workers tonight. Apparently, the gyn is facing financial trouble. The CEO told payroll not to pay the executives this pay period. There’s a cash flow problem. And there was an $8 million loan that they didn’t get the full amount for because due diligence wasn’t done or completed and they missed the periods to request disbursements.

I asked if the owners knew about my Glassdoor review. OH. YEAH. Apparently the CEO’s wife had a 2-hour meeting withe the new director of Ops about it. Completely denied any of it was true and wanting to find out who wrote it. They suspect people who left recently because what I wrote mentions recent events. Other people’s names have come up but not mine at all. It’s been 9 months since I left and 18 other people left between then and now.

My co-workers asked me if I would do a reading of my review 😂. They said they were all at a pool party sharing it with each other and couldn’t get enough of it. They said it was so well written. That was a great compliment.

I forgot my pills when I rushed back this weekend. first time in 20 years that happened. Will have to start a new pack this weekend. Looks like my period came today as a result.

So tired. Need sleep.

Love you.