December 4, 2021

Hi Darling,

How are you? Your place has been listed for two months now. No traction yet? Expecting any soon? 😁

Work wasn’t too bad today. One report didn’t get out in time so I heard about it but again, we were facing random technical issues that came from no where. But from 11am onwards it’s been pretty quiet.

No side effects from the covid booster aside from a sore shoulder. I’m surprised. Did I get a placebo? 🤣 Not complaining. Although I ran some errands this morning and, by the time I hit 5,000 steps my hips were like, slow down, we don’t have the energy for your normal pace today. Not sure why. So I’ve been resting.

I realize I spent so much time talking about work and I’ve said I was going to talk about some of my hobbies but never got around to those. So I wanted to mention my obsession with SPF.

Where did this come from? The years I’ve spent staring at your ex-wife’s face on social media. The question I asked myself every time was why does her face show such premature signs of aging? And I started to get anxious that this might happen to me.

A lot of people would be quick to say, “Oh, but you don’t have her genes.” But I soon found this popular dermatologist on YouTube, Dr. Dray. and she makes it clear that genes only account for 10% of the skin-aging that we will experience. 90% comes from the sun. But excessive drinking also contributes to it which is my bet as to why your ex-wife’s skin is the way that it is (also, her mom’s face screams alcoholic). And there’s nothing at Sephora that’s going to be able to reverse the signs of aging. Our best bet is prevention and that comes from sunscreen.

This video is a great summary of why SPF protection is so important 365 days of the year.

Legit obsessed with SPF last year. Still am. But last year I was religiously applying sunscreen three times a day. It was easy to do working from home. Harder to do back at the office but I still apply two layers every morning. I prefer tinted sunscreen but soon learned that if I apply that to my neck, it rubs off on my clothing and it’s a bitch to get the stains out. So now I use chemical or untinted sunscreens for my neck and ears and a tinted one for my face. In fact, I’ve completely stopped wearing foundation. Instead, I wear a CC cream from IT Cosmetics with SPF 50. LOVE.

I can’t buy you sunscreen now (or force you to wear it…yet) but if I could, here would be my recommendations for you:

COTZ Prime & Protect. It says tinted but it’s light. It can suit a wide range of skin tones, including lighter ones. Please don’t be turned off by that. I’d encourage you to try it. It’s one of my favorites and I’m bummed that I don’t currently have it. I’ve already got a bunch of sunscreen that I need to finish before I can buy anymore…

DRMTLGY Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer. Again, don’t be afraid of the tint. It’s “universal” which means it’s super light. They’ve changed the packaging since I last used it so I don’t know if they changed the formula, too. But I really enjoyed it.

EltaMD. If you’re really averse to anything with a tint, then here’s a great option. It’s on the pricier side but I love how it applies, especially as a mineral sunscreen. Most mineral sunscreens end up having a white cast to them because of the zinc oxide but EltaMD managed to master making it invisible. The tint in the previous moisturizers is probably there to offset that cast. 

All of these options are mineral. I prefer them because they are natural and highly unlikely to cause any stinging. There’s nothing wrong with chemical sunscreens but I’m trying not to bore you with the details here. I’m currently using a Eucerin body lotion with SPF 30 for my neck and face as the first layer because it’s cheap and applies well. But it will irritate my eyes so I have to avoid that area and have my second sunscreen layer be mineral.

Also, as part of my anti-aging regimen, I’ve been using retin-A for over two years. Retin-A and sunscreen are the only treatments that have been scientifically proven to prevent or reverse the signs of aging. I mean, yeah, there’s skin cancer, too. But I’m being honest: my concern is aging and I don’t want to become one of those people addicted to botox.

And if you can get your girls to start wearing sunscreen now, every day, they will thank you a thousand times over when they get to your age and beyond.

Before I go, more memories to share:

I remember walking back to my desk one day and had just entered the floor from the hallway. You were over by that Aussie’s desk, I can’t remember his name. You turned and were looking at me, but your eyes started down at my legs. I remember as I was making that long walk, watching you checking me out as your eyes ever so slowly made their way up my body. By the time you finally got to my face – and it took you a while to get there – you realized that you had been caught because I was staring right back at you.

Your immediate response was to turn away. But a second after that, you started walking toward me, back to your office. I remember you passing within inches of me. We never touched but all the girly parts of my body felt you, B. It was electric and it wasn’t the first time I’ve felt that with you. It probably won’t be the last, either.

Love you! My Wuthering Heights DVDs arrived so I’ll start them tonight.


December 2, 2021

Hi Darling,

I hope my hunch is wrong, but I’m feeling a little under the weather and I think I might be getting sick again. My throat feels sore, slight runny nose, tired. But the tiredness could be from waking up at 5:30am. And then not getting out of bed until 7 🤣

The same team member has been having tech issues all week. Not her fault but it sends us scrambling at the last minute. We’ve found solutions every time so I stopped worrying. Great news, though! Our boss managed to reduce the team’s workload effective immediately. Now, instead of sending out interval reports every 2 hours between 10am-10pm, we only have to send them 4 times a day and the last one is 7pm. We were ECSTATIC! 

My boss wants me to start looking at the reports and begin building some of the reports myself. She could tell I was nervous. They’re using SAS and I’ve never used that before. I took an intro course to SQL 3.5 years ago and haven’t touched it since. Her reasoning is to be able to run reports for her or Berra without having to go to the team. That’s BS. I have 6 active team members with two seasonal analysts who will be up and running in a couple of weeks. So 8 analysts and they may want me to run reports?? I mean, unless it’s a report they don’t want my team knowing about, maybe…but after two decades at this company, again, they are the experts on these databases, what would they be hiding???

I think they’re testing me. I think they want to see if I could be a good fit for a more senior position, like the director role for this team. Not a bad thing. She also said it could give me an opportunity to see if there’s room for improvement in how the reports are built. I’ve already got my team recording their training sessions and saving them in a shared file. I may start watching them. One of my senior analysts gave me his login for Udemy. He’s already purchased a whole bunch of courses that he thinks will be helpful. I might start taking a look this weekend.

Berra tends to stop by at least once a day. Today he complimented me on what I’ve done with my cubicle. Yesterday, he asked about one of my analysts. He’s the only member of my team actually in NY. So I had a conversation with my analyst about it. It’s clear he prefers to work from home but I know that my boss had an agreement that he would come to the office 1-2 days a month. That hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, I spoke to my boss about it today and she was really pissed off with Berra. She said that she had already spoken to Berra about my analyst’s position. That he had been in a car accident some months ago and he wasn’t keen on being at the office and, after already losing three team members she was worried if she pushed this analyst on coming to the office that he would also leave and we can’t afford that.

I completely agree. I’ve been told that if Berra approaches me about it again to tell him to speak to my boss. That being said, this analyst has a cubicle at the office with no functioning work station. So I placed an order for that and I’ve suggested that maybe he come in next Tuesday when we might have a catered lunch at the office. He seemed to really enjoy the meal allowance perk last week. But no pressure.

I like my team. We have fun despite the fires we put out. And a couple of them have gotten comfortable teasing me. I got one slide further in the workshop deck I put together. We’ve got a really good working draft of our purpose statement.

New vacuum cleaner arrived. Haven’t had time to unpack. My new fitness bottoms arrived. Very excited. Let’s see if it motivates me enough to actually get out of bed.

I missed you this morning. Spent some time thinking about you. It was nice. Didn’t want to get out of bed. Also, it’s so cold these days. I mean today itself was decent in the 50s but generally, if the sun isn’t out and it’s cold, no thank you! I really do think I might suffer from some sort of seasonal affective disorder.

Keep forgetting to mention: I saw For Whom The Bell Tolls. It’s more of a war movie. The only connection I see to us, if any, is that she had short hair and they fell in love with each other rather quickly. But I’m pretty sure the movie doesn’t follow the book exactly. Because it was 1943. And why hasn’t a remake ever been done? So many questions.

Alright, love you. I need to sleep. Covid booster tomorrow morning. I don’t care what I feel like tomorrow, I’m tired of rescheduling this shit.