She’s actually starting to look like Miss Piggy now. What happened?

Did she eat her way through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Did she have to sell her Peloton? Because clearly she’s not using it.

Did she start seeking help for her mental health and is now on meds that are making her gain weight?

I almost feel bad for her. Almost but not quite.

At least when she was neurotic about exercising, her body was in shape. There is nothing she can do about her face. But at least in theory, you could see how it would be possible for a man to get hard and come to completion if he put a bag over her face. The rest of her could be appealing to guys who like masculine athletic traits.

But now, she really has nothing going for her. Not that looks should define anyone but we’ve already established that she is ugly on the inside and out. She is neither intelligent nor emotionally put together. And she’s a narcissist.

Let her keep claiming she’s got some husband in the universe who is willing to spend one-on-one time with her in any way, shape or form. It’s not believable. Truly, she is embarrassing to be associated with.

I feel so sorry for you. I’m trying to imagine now what it must be like to have to interact with her on a regular basis. I imagine you must feel frustrated, suffocated, trapped. Exhausted. You must be just as exhausted as me.

 I’m sorry for you. But I am so grateful I am not in your shoes.

she’s neither fish nor flesh; a man knows not
where to have her.